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Portland Professional Cleaning Services – Clean Arrival LLC

When you close your eyes and think of the words “cleaning service”, you can begin to imagine walking into your home and everything sparkling. Fresh air fills the room along with clutter-free floors, dust free furniture and spotless counter-tops. You may even be surprised when you open your refrigerator and bear witness to its cleanest day since it was unboxed. Consider every nook and cranny in your home being clean and fresh, without even lifting a finger? That’s the kind of sensation and free time we want to offer our customers with every Professional cleaning service we provide.

Professional Cleaning, Professional Cleaning
professional cleaning

Never Clean Again!

Our professional cleaning company provides house cleaning services throughout the Portland Oregon metro area that specializes in cleaning residential homes. The deep cleaning services and products we use let us make your house cleaner than ever before. This Portland local cleaning team prefers environmentally friendly products, this ensures a clean, and safe environment. From the kitchen to the bedroom, and floors to the ceiling, we have all your cleaning covered. When you contact Clean Arrival LLC, you can consider your home to be spotless when you return.

What Services Do You Offer?

We provide a wide variety of professional cleaning services in the Portland and surrounding areas custom tailored to your home size and options which you select yourself on our convenient online booking page! We don’t even charge you until the cleaning is done so you can trust we will provide top-notch services.

What to Expect from Clean Arrival LLC?

With our professional cleaning team, you’ll never need to worry about whether or not we will do a good job. Our local female-owned business performs thorough background checks on all our employees and makes sure their training and experience result in the best results for you and your home. We will make sure your home is sparkling every time you return.

Professional Cleaning, Professional Cleaning
professional cleaning company

What goes on when you come to clean my home?

  • Kitchen: The kitchen is often one of the dirtiest places which require the most elbow grease since there can be layers of old food in the fridge, in the over and basically everywhere else. Our team will often start in this area of your home and will focus on your counters, cabinets, floors, backsplashes, appliances, dishwasher, refrigerators, stove, oven exteriors, faucets, sinks, and more.
  • Bathroom:Another one of the tougher places to clean in any home is the bathroom, and depending on how long it was last cleaned and how many people use it can result in a ton of work! But rest assured, regardless of how dirty it is, you’ll return home to an immaculate bathroom. We’ll make sure to clean the basins, sinks, bathtubs, tiles, faucets, counters, mirrors, towel racks, cabinets, and floors.
  • Bedroom: Let our team tidy up the bedrooms in your home that are too often overlooked and left covered in dust and clutter. Our team will make sure to make the bed, clean th tables, lamps, furniture, vacuum and more!
  • Living Areas: The living room is where all your family and guests come to hangout and is the first thing they usually see upon entering your home, so we make sure this area is spotless! We’ll clean all furniture, vacuum, sweep, dust and wipe everything.

One-Time or Recurring Cleans

When you contact Clean Arrival you can conveniently schedule a one-time or recurring cleaning schedule, all of which you can count on being cleaned prior to paying anything! Regardless of what you need help with, you can consider your house cleaning tasks covered by our professional cleaning team. If you’re looking for a routine house one-time or recurring cleaning, we’ll make sure your house is cleaned from top to the bottom including cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room. All places will be vacuumed, dusted, disinfected and will smell fresh. We bring all our own supplies and our equipment, all you have to do is book online then make arrangements for our team to clean on your preferred date(s) and time(s).

Moving or Renting?

Clean Arrival LLC specializes in Move-in or Move-out cleanings that are catered to customers and professionals alike! Whether you’re just moving into a new home that hasn’t been cleaning, moving out of your rental and need it cleaned for your deposit back. If you’re a Realtor or property manager that needs a home cleaned for your next clients then we have you covered too!

Service Areas

Our green cleaning service areas include PortlandMilwaukieBeavertonHillsboroLake Oswego, Oregon CityTigardKing CityTroutdaleWest LinnGladstone, and Gresham. Contact us anytime for cleaning and we will be happy to help!

Portland Professional Cleaning

For the best local green cleaning solutions contact Clean Arrival LLC. To schedule a cleaning service visit our booking page or call us at 503-567-5404. You can also message us on Facebook or email us here.

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Professional Cleaning, Professional Cleaning