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Home Cleaning Services

Clean Arrival LLC will provide all your routine and deep home cleaning services. We offer two base services, standard, and deep cleans, in addition to a multitude of extras. Our extras include cleaning window tracks, inside cabinets, inside ovens, inside refrigerators, and touching up walls. Each of these services can be added to both standard cleans and deep cleans. This allows you to customize your service to meet your specific needs.

Standard Cleaning

Do you clean on occasion but never get the time to hit every room at once? Want to spend more time enjoying all the food, entertainment, and outdoor spaces available in Portland? That is what we at Clean Arrival are here for and our recurring standard clean service may be perfect for you. We understand that it takes time and effort to clean your home top to bottom. The time that you could use to enjoy the city with your friends and family.

Recommended for regular upkeep, our standard cleans (also called maintenance cleans) aim to stop built-up dirt and grime from occurring in the first place. You can spend less time focusing on chores and housework. Our professional house cleaners are trained to go above and beyond expectations so that each cleaning service builds upon the previous.

With the flexibility to schedule recurring house cleanings on a one-time, monthly, biweekly, and weekly basis, we can find a convenient and consistent schedule to fit your needs.

Deep Cleaning

Has your house gotten out of control? Need to give it a bit of a restart? Let us here at Clean Arrival give your house a little extra love with our deep clean option.  Our deep home cleaning services are specifically tailored for houses in need of the most attention and offer the most comprehensive clean. If your house has built-up dust, grime, scuffs, and dirt this is your best option. While all our cleaning services are tailors to the focus on the details our deep clean specifically targets the areas that often get the most forgotten over time.

We recommend this service to all first time cleans, whether you’ve had a maid for years or are new to the cleaning service world. With a deep clean we set aside a larger amount of time and include a larger list of items. As a result, we make sure all your bases are covered. This way if you are booking recurring cleans we have the ability to get familiar with your home and it’s specific needs. Ultimately we can be as efficient as possible while going beyond your expectations. Additionally, if it’s a one-time clean we have the ability to provide you with a longer-lasting higher quality clean.

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Portland Cleaning Services
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Portland Cleaning Services
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Clean Arrival LLC will provide all your routine and deep home cleaning services. We offer two base services, standard, and deep cleans, call us today!