Post-Booking Info

Post House Clean Booking Checklist

You may be wondering what the process is after you make your booking, like “what supplies do I need?”, or “how will they get the key?”. We went ahead and created this Post House Clean Booking Checklist for you to help make sure you’re prepared to see how easy this whole cleaning process is. Plus, it always gets easier after the first time, so trust you’re in good hands and we’re also happy to answer any questions you may still have after reading this.

1. Review our Cleaning Checklists: Depending on the service type you are selecting make sure you read and review the appropriate check list to understand everything that will be included the day of you clean.

Standard Clean Checklist:

Deep Clean Checklist:

2. Review our Service Agreement: While we don’t have any long term contracts we do provide a service agreement to help establish guidelines and clearly communicate the standard level of professional service you’ll be receiving.

Those can be found here:

3. Before your service please let us know whether you will be present or not for your clean and if not the best way to enter your home, as well as the best way to lock up when our cleaners finish.

4. Try to declutter surfaces as best as possible. The more access we have to the surfaces under your personal belongs the better we will be able to clean them and the less likely for there to be a chance that something accidently gets knocked over and broken in the process.

5. Try to have dishes and counter tops cleared before we arrive. We don’t currently provide dishwashing services, and it is much easier to work around your kitchen when these are already loaded into a dishwasher or cleared away.

6. Please notify us of any special surface in your home that we should be aware of. An example would be unfinished wood floor, marble counters, cork floors.

7. If you would like the linens changed on you bed please leave out the new ones for us. It also helps if you double check that they are the right size for the bed. This gives us easy access making us more efficient. In addition we want to respect you privacy instead of searching through closets and cupboards to find new sheets.

8. Let us know where to find you waste bins. Usually if one doesn’t get emptied its because we couldn’t see it or couldn’t locate your street receptacles to empty it. If you don’t want any of them emptied, for example you save bottles for bottle deposit or prefer to handle sensitive office recycle your self please give us a heads up.

9. If you have any particular areas of your home please that you would like use to focus on more so than others your welcome to let us know, and we will make a note for our cleaners.

10. Please note that we will bring all our own products and equipment. You are not required to supply anything.

11. If you are home the day of your clean we generally have our cleaners do an initial walk through with you to see the layout of your home. We’ll have you point out what area you want cleaned, what areas (if any) you don’t, and gauge what areas need the most attention. At the end they also will offer to do a final walk through to make so the finished services meets your expectations before wrapping up the service.

That it! This pretty much covers all the important aspects of a new cleaning we would need your input or cooperation with. Hope this helps and we look forward to serving you! ~Clean Arrival