Standard Clean

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Standard Clean

Do you clean on occasion but never get the time to hit every room at once? Want to spend more time enjoying all the food, entertainment, and outdoor spaces available in Portland? That is what we at Clean Arrival are here for and our recurring standard clean service may be perfect for you. We understand that it takes time and effort to clean your home top to bottom, time that you could use to enjoy the city with your friends and family.

Recommended for regular upkeep, our standard cleans (also called maintenance cleans) aim to stop built up dirt and grime from occurring in the first place, so you can spend less time focusing on chores and housework and more time focusing on enjoying time with friends and family. Our professional house cleaners are trained to go above and beyond expectations so that each cleaning service builds upon the previous.

With the flexibility to schedule recurring house cleanings on a one-time, monthly, biweekly, and weekly basis, we can find a convenient and consistent schedule to fit your needs.

How do I know a standard clean is right for me?

We don’t require deep cleans for first-time visits like the majority of cleaning companies do. That being said if you’re on the fence about the type of service you’re looking for, we do recommend a deep clean. Scheduling a deep clean means our cleaners have the ability to take the additional time and effort to make sure we meet all your needs. As a result, you get to start fresh with your home maintenance and we become familiar with your unique home at the same time a standard maintenance clean can be a great way to save money and still get an exceptional clean. If your house is already organized and up kept, but you could use a helping hand on a regular basis a standard recurring house cleaning is the way to go.

What’s included with a standard clean?

To make it easier for you to pick the right service for you check out the list below to see what areas of the house we actually clean. Don’t see a service on the list that you’re looking for? Try checking out our deep clean for our most thorough home cleaning service. We also provide a few extra services that you can select when booking to customize your clean. If you look through our options and still don’t see what you’re looking for always feel free to contact us directly.

Want to see a side-by-side comparison of standard and deep cleans? Check here.


Standard & Recurring House Cleaning Checklist




    • Countertops scrubbed and dusted
    • Top of fridge dusted
    • Exterior of fridge cleaned
    • Exterior of dishwasher cleaned
    • Interior and exterior of microwave cleaned
    • Front of cabinets wiped and cleaned
    • Cabinet hardware wiped and shined
    • Surface clean and dusting of appliances
    • Stovetop cleaned, including drip pans
    • Hood vent dusted and cleaned
    • Backsplash scrubbed
    • Sinks scrubbed and cleaned
    • Floors vacuumed, swept, and mopped***



    • Mirror and vanity dusted and cleaned
    • Sink thoroughly cleaned
    • Fixtures cleaned and shined
    • Shower doors and glass cleaned
    • Shower tile cleaned
    • Grout spot cleaned
    • Bathtub scrubbed and dusted
    • Toilets scrubbed top to bottom
    • Window sills and blinds dusted
    • Towels Folded and straightened
    • Floors vacuumed, swept, and mopped***

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, & Hallways


    • General dusting
    • Beds and pillows straightened
    • Flat surfaces dusted
    • Cobwebs removed
    • Window sills and blinds dusted
    • Chair rails and molding dusted
    • Doors and door frames spot cleaned
    • Stairs, vacuumed, swept, and hand wiped
    • Floors vacuumed, swept, and mopped***
    • Wastebaskets emptied*

*Please note that wastebaskets will be emptied by request. Please inform cleaners of the location of trash to be emptied as well as the outside garbage bins or dumpster.

**We do not empty diaper bins

***Please inform cleaners and management of the type of flooring and finish in your home. Our standard method of cleaning hardwood, title, and non-carpeted flooring is to wet mop using a diluted biodegradable solution. If this is not the appropriate method for cleaning your floors, please inform management to avoid any damage.

****Our flat-rate pricing assumes that your home is of average size for the number of beds and baths you have selected and meets a reasonable level of cleanliness. If the rooms are large than average or dirtier than average our staff may require more time to complete the service requested or may have to reduce their scope of work. If the home is not found to be in “Average” condition or size and takes more than an extra 1 hour to clean we reserve the right to adjust pricing if the client wishes us to continue.

Standard Clean
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