Cleaning Agreement

clean arrival cleaning agreement

clean arrival cleaning agreement

Clean Arrival LLC Service Agreement


As a company, we here at Clean Arrival want to ensure that you as the customer are provided the best service possible and therefore have established a Cleaning Agreement. Through our Cleaning Agreement, we aim to clearly communicate a standard level of professional service.

Cleaning Agreement

Through the booking of a cleaning service by telephone, e-mail, or website Customers and Clean Arrival LLC (service provider) mutually agree to the following terms:

Employees: All employees go through rigorous training the Clean Arrival LLC standard. For your protection and peace of mind, all employees undergo a nationwide background check during the hiring process. All employees are covered under our worker’s compensation policy, liability insurance and bond. A team leader is assigned to your home. While we make every effort to keep the same team leader assigned to your home, we cannot guarantee it. Illness, promotions, vacations, etc, can all result in a change of team or change of cleaners on a team.

  • Our employees will be respectful while in your home. They will not smoke or eat while in your home, nor do they watch TV. For their own safety, we do allow them to bring their own water with them, as well as set out for breaks during longer cleans. They do not answer the telephone or doorbell for their safety. Their only purpose while in your home is to clean.

Services: Clean Arrival LLC provides whole-home cleaning services at a flat rate. This rate guarantees the completion of our Standard Checklist for our Standard Clean service or our Deep Clean Checklist for our Deep Clean services. We do not charge hourly rates and do not guarantee a set number of labor hours.

Flat Rate Pricing: Our flat-rate pricing assumes that your home is of average size for the number of beds and baths you have selected and meets a reasonable level of cleanliness. If the rooms are large than average or dirtier than average our staff may require more time to complete the service requested or may have to reduce their scope of work. If the home is not found to be in “Average” condition or size and takes more than an extra 1 hour to clean we reserve the right to adjust pricing if the client wishes us to continue.

Wear and Tear: The longer we live in our homes, the more wear and tear builds up in them. Baseboards, the bottom of showers and tubs, mold/mildew, excessive water spots and soap scum on glass shower doors, worn flooring, grout, window tracks, etc. are all areas where wear and tear will impact results. Although we are professionals, we are not miracle workers. Sometimes we are called in too late to correct damage that is already done, these areas may take more than one cleaning to improve in appearance or may not come clean at all.

Extra Services: If you require extra services or additional cleaning on your scheduled cleaning day, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance so we may allow the extra time needed at your home and we can give you a quote for the additional services. Please note that if extra services are requested after the original booking, Clean Arrival cannot guarantee we can complete them on the originally selected service date and may need to reschedule the clean.

Extra Services provided by Clean Arrival LLC include:

  • Green cleaning
  • Inside the fridge
  • Deep oven clean
  • Maintenance oven clean
  • Window tracks
  • Spot cleaning walls
  • Inside cabinets
  • Deep cleaning
  • Linen change *by special request


Cleaning:  Our professional house cleaners take pride in cleaning your home. Since we wet-dust finished surfaces, our tools and techniques allow us to remove most of your home’s dust in a reasonable amount of time and effort.

Please note the following limits:

  • Settling Dust:  During the dusting process, some dust becomes airborne and will not settle until we have left.  Especially in the warmer months, when windows are open and fans are blowing, dust accumulates much faster. It may take several visits before settling dust becomes minimized.
  • Dusting Knick‐Knacks, Collectibles, and other small items: We clean small items based on the size and the number of items on a flat surface. If items take up less than 50% of the surface area of a flat surface, we will pick items up and dust underneath, if items take up 50% or greater, we will generally dust the accessible surfaces.
  • Clutter: Our main focus is cleaning surfaces. Your clean will be far more satisfactory if the team does not have a great deal of clutter with which to contend. Working around and picking up large piles of paperwork and other clutter takes time and can prevent cleaners from accessing a surface.
  • Cleaning height limits: Our professional cleaners use both a 2-step stool and extension dusting poles. We will not high dust items using the extension pole that may be hung improperly because we are not able to secure it while we clean.
  • Showers and Tubs: Showers and Tubs can accumulate lime, calcium and soap scum. Our cleaning products work very well on cutting through these deposits, however, sometimes it may take a few visits before showers and tubs become free of these deposits. (If you have heavier build-up, we recommend our deep clean service to begin with.) Mold and mildew are organic and will grow deep into and behind grout or calk. Surface stains will be minimized by our cleaning products, but completely eliminating it may require the homeowner to have these areas re‐grouted or re‐caulked.
  • Special Surfaces: Clean Arrival LLC uses standard methods of cleaning; you are responsible for informing management of any surfaces that need specific specialty cleaning products or methods prior to your first clean. No liability will be assumed by Clean Arrival LLC for damages if not informed of said surfaces. Specialty surfaces include but are not limited to: Marble countertops; Waxed wood flooring; Unfinished wood and flooring; and Cork flooring.


Cleaning Supplies: We provide our professional house cleaners with all necessary tools, equipment and cleaning supplies necessary for a thorough job.

  • Use of homeowner’s Products: If you would like to request the use of your own cleaning product you must notify us at least one week before your appointment to allow us to review the product. We may deny the request for safety or liability concerns. Since we have not tested your products for effectiveness, we will not be responsible for any damage associated with that product or solvent and the Satisfaction Guarantee will not apply. Any effect on our ability to complete your clean as expected due to the use of your products may result in additional costs.
  • Use of Homeowner’s Vacuum or Equipment:  If you, the homeowner, request our professional house cleaners to use your vacuum or other equipment such as mops or dusters, we will not assume or accept any liability for damage to the unit itself, to your home or any of its contents, and the Satisfaction Guarantee will not apply. Since we are not responsible for maintenance or training with the unit, we will not be responsible for any repairs to it. Additional time and effort will be required to use only the homeowner’s vacuum (which usually doesn’t have the ease and accessibility of our vacuum attachments), resulting in an additional cost to clean your home. Clean Arrival reserves the right to refuse the use of the client’s equipment.

Damage or Breakage:  Our professional house cleaners exercise the most reasonable care when cleaning your home. We are not liable for damage that is caused by “normal wear and tear,” improper installation of an item in your home, or artwork, collectibles or family heirlooms valued over $100 that were not disclosed during the setup process. These items include but are not limited to the following examples:

  • Carpet & Rug Snags:  Carpet snags are the result of “exposed loops” caused by normal wear and tear, moving furniture, etc. which are snagged by a vacuum’s roller brush. We take the most care possible to prevent rug snags while vacuuming, but are not able to avoid wear and tear that is not readily visible and will not be responsible for any damage caused.
  • Broken Blinds:  Customers should be aware that there are some inherent risks each time your blinds are cleaned. Blinds will become brittle from daily exposure to the sun, and strings/chords will weaken over time resulting in breaks. For this reason, Clean Arrival does not clean mini-blinds.
  • Improperly hung pictures/decorations/mirrors/clocks/fixtures: If these items are securely/properly attached to the wall, they should not fall when the item is cleaned. Clean Arrival LLC will not dust painting or any items hanging items it deems a falling risk.
  • Artwork, Collectibles, Family Heirlooms and valuables over $100: These items are expensive or impossible to replace; we will not take the risk of cleaning such items. When scheduling your initial cleaning, please let us know about any of these items so we can avoid cleaning them unless the customer wants to sign a waiver of liability. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Clean Arrival LLC of any new items brought into the home, after our initial setup, that fall into this category.

In the event an item is damaged or broken in your home our personnel are instructed to call our office at once in addition to completing a damage report. Cleaners will also photograph the damage for our records. You will be notified as soon as possible via email after our office receives the completed damage report.

Hazards: You are responsible for informing Clean Arrival of potential hazards in the home. Should Clean Arrival deem hazards a risk to health and safety, services may be subject to cancellation. If no notice is given by the Booking Party any cancellation may be subject to Clean Arrival’s late cancellation fee. Hazards include but are not limited to:

  • Bio-hazards; blood or any bodily fluids, mold; We are not insured to handle these tasks, nor trained/equipped.
  • Fire or water damage
  • Any type of bug infestation including but not limited to fleas, cockroaches, termites, and bedbugs.
  • Animal waste including but not limited to litter, feces, training pads, and vomit.

Services Not Included: Our flat-rate services fee guarantees the completion of all tasks included in our cleaning checklists. Services not included in our cleans are listed below.

  • Clean the interior of curio cabinets (will only feather dust exterior)
  • Provide any pet or children-related services
  • Clean/Shampoo carpet
  • Clean Chandeliers
  • Laundry services
  • Dish washing services
  • Personal organization
  • Provide stain removal
  • Clean exterior of windows
  • Remove Paint
  • Junk removal
  • Service outdoor areas
  • Clean areas above the reach of our 2-step step ladder
  • Move or lift items over 35lbs including moving furniture or appliances

“Estimated Cleaning Time”: Upon booking you will be provided an estimated cleaning time based on the average number of labor hours it takes a professional house cleaner to clean a home the size imputed on our booking form. The total cleaning time may vary depending on condition, the accuracy of the booking information, and other factors. Our “Estimated Cleaning Time” is a curtesy for customers to have a general idea of how long their service will last and plan around it if need be.

Our estimates are usually quite accurate when all areas of the home are accounted for on the booking form. First time cleans typically take longer than our recurring services. Estimated cleaning times may be adjusted after several cleans as our staff becomes more familiar with your home.

Scheduled “Arrival Time” for cleanings: When booking your service, we provide an hour-long arrival window for our cleaners. The actual arrival time may vary due to unforeseen circumstances (traffic jams, weather, the professional house cleaners needing extra time to finish cleaning a previous home, etc.). Cancellations, lockouts, and efficiency may also affect our schedules. If we happen to be early or late for your appointment, we will contact you as soon as possible to provide you will the most accurate expected arrival information possible.

  • You will receive two automatic email reminders prior to your scheduled cleaning appointment. One will occur three days prior, the other one day prior. You may opt-out of one or both of these emails if you desire.

Access: You are responsible for providing Clean Arrival Access to the location of service on the scheduled service date. We offer four entry options, please inform Clean Arrival Management of the preferred method before the service date.

  • The Booking Party may opt to be home to allow access to their home the day of the service. Clean Arrival LLC cannot guarantee the exact arrival times so the client must be home between the time scheduled to let the cleaner into the home.
  • The Booking Party provides a key, garage door opener or code to gain access to the home. Keys will be placed in a secure lockbox at Clean Arrival LLC’s office. The cleaner or team will be issued a key the day of your scheduled service to gain access to the home. The key will be signed out by the cleaner or team and signed in after each scheduled service and placed back in the lockbox.
  • The client can place a lockbox with a key on location at their residence and provide Clean Arrival with the passcode. Clean Arrival has a number of lockboxes available for use with prior request.
  • Should the Booking Party reside in a condo or apartment building the Booking Party may leave a key at the front desk or management for Clean Arrival to access.

If your home has a security system, please ensure that it is turned OFF prior to our cleaner’s arrival, or inform our office of the correct codes and code entry method before your scheduled clean. Please be sure to notify our offices of any updates. Clean Arrival LLC is not responsible for any charges from local police departments or security groups which may be called as a result of a security alarm in which we cannot deactivate.

  • Due to liability, safety, and security reasons, Clean Arrival staff will not enter any home without express permission and clear access instruction prior to a scheduled clean. If no one is home or our cleaners are turned away for any reason the service will not be performed and cancellation fees will apply.


Rescheduling, Service Request Changes, & Cancelations: Our customers have peace of mind knowing we will be at our scheduled appointments. We request the same courtesy from our customers. Since we schedule weeks and often months in advance, when an appointment is canceled at the last minute, we aren’t able to fill that spot. Our cancellation/rescheduling policy protects our professional house cleaners who depend on the hours we have scheduled for them.

  • Because we reserve time especially for you, please make any schedule changes at least 48hrs before your scheduled appointment to avoid incurring the cancellation fee. Cancellation fees will be 50% of the service rate. We appreciate your understanding.
    • Changes to the service can affect the cost and length of the service and may require the service to need rescheduling.
    • Clean Arrival will provide confirmation in the case it can accommodate service changes.
  • In the case that a service needs to be rescheduled, Clean Arrival LLC will do the best to accommodate the need but cannot guarantee availability to complete the service.
    • Confirmation of the new service date will be provided if Clean Arrival can accommodate the updated service request.

Updated Rescheduling, Service Request Changes, & Cancelations: Our customers have peace of mind knowing we will be at our scheduled appointments. We request the same courtesy from our customers. Since we schedule weeks and often months in advance, when an appointment is canceled at the last minute, we aren’t able to fill that spot. Our cancellation/rescheduling policy protects our professional house cleaners who depend on the hours we have scheduled for them.

  • If you cancel less than forty-eight (48) hours from your appointment time, or cleaners are unable to access the home at the time of your clean (lock-out) you will be charged 50% (half) the amount of your agreed upon rate for the cancelled appointment. We kindly ask for at least 48 hours’ (preferably two business days) notice of cancellation once you know you will not be able to keep the appointment time. We are happy to accommodate you with a rescheduled appointment however that will be subject to availability.
    • Schedule or service changes may not be made through your cleaners. Please use our client portal or contact our office directly.
    • Services may be discontinued by Clean Arrival in the event of multiple consecutive cancellations.
    • Recurring service is priced at a discounted rate. Should you choose to cancel recurring service after only one cleaning, One-Time Cleaning rates will apply.

If you want to adjust your schedule — say, move your weekly clean from Monday to Wednesday — we’ll do our best to accommodate. Simply reach out and together we’ll try to find a time or schedule that works for you. That being said, we discourage too much shifting of schedules, as a reliable schedule benefits both you and your cleaner. This consistency helps us to keep the most professional and committed cleaners on staff through reliable income and hours in addition to allowing us to provide consistent maintenance of your home.

  • You may make changes to your service request up to 48 hours prior to your service date through our client portal.
    • Changes to the service can affect the cost and length of the service and may require the service to need rescheduling.
  • In the case that a service needs to be rescheduled, Clean Arrival LLC will do the best to accommodate the need but cannot guarantee availability to complete the service.


Holidays: Clean Arrival closes on the following holidays New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day. Regular cleaning services will be offered for all other holidays. Should your regular cleaning fall on these days, our office will contact you approximately 2 weeks prior to the holiday to reschedule your cleaning. If you wish to reschedule a cleaning that falls on another holiday throughout the year, please call the office at least 2 business days in advance.

Safety and Work Conditions:

  • Temperature Settings:  During summer months, many of our customers turn their air conditioning off or set them to higher temperatures while they are out of the house. On your scheduled cleaning day, we ask that you set the thermostat to, at the highest, 72 degrees Fahrenheit, so your professional house cleaners can work in a safe environment without overheating.
  • For safety reasons, if our professional house cleaners arrive to a home that is warm and the air conditioning is turned off or not reduced to safe levels, our cleaners have the right to refuse service if work conditions are deemed unsafe. Due to liability cleaners will not adjust thermoset settings themselves.
  • During the winter, we request that the home is between 60 and 72 degrees.
  • Cleaners will NOT remove their shoes: For the safety and liability reasons, we do not allow cleaners to remove their shoes during cleaning services. Since we clean our way out of every room, we do our best to avoid leaving anything nasty behind.

People and Pets: We are a people and pet-friendly company, within reason.  If any persons or pets will be in the home while we clean, we ask that indoor activity be limited for cleaning efficiency and safety reasons.  We will not clean up vomit, urine, or feces as these present a health hazard to our staff.  Likewise, we will not clean cat litter boxes, bird cages, fish tanks, etc.

Quality Control and Inspections: Each crew is thoroughly trained on all Clean Arrival LLC standards and guidelines. After each clean Supervisors will conduct walkthroughs of your home to ensure cleaners are completing all designated tasks. Supervisors will also complete physical checklists.

  • Client Walk-through: All first-time clients are offered a walk through with our cleaners after the completion of their clean to ensure expectations are met. If clients are unavailable, or no on-site at the time of complete client walk-throughs will not be completed.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our mission is to provide the best quality service in town if there is anything you aren’t 100% satisfied with, big or small, let us know within 24 hours of the service and we will resend a team to reclean the area.

Our guarantee does not apply under the following conditions:

  • Clean Arrival will send rating emails out at the end of each service in which the Booking Party can provide any feedback. In the absence of feedback, Clean Arrival LLC will assume that you are satisfied with the received service.
  • When we use a customer’s cleaning products, supplies or vacuum cleaner by request of the customer
  • In the event the customer denies a walk through at the completion of their clean.
  • In the event the customer turns our cleaners away before completing a clean.

We welcome your feedback: Getting customer feedback is an important ingredient to a successful house cleaning service relationship. Your feedback helps us monitor the performance of cleaners and deliver the highest quality cleaning experience in the industry. After your cleaning service is completed, we will send you a follow-up email asking you about the service you received, asking you to grade our performance on a scale, and inviting you to provide honest feedback.



  • Cash or check payments must be made at the time of the booked service. Credit card payments will be charged by Clean Arrival the day of the service at the end of business hours.
  • Clean Arrival will not retain any credit card information within their system, simply a key which enables management to charge the client only after service is complete.
  • If the Booking Party fails to pay any invoice within 15 days of the due date is entitled Clean Arrival to suspend any future service until payment has been received.


  • All information acquired by Clean Arrival relating to the Booking Party and/or their service will be treated as confidential and as such will not be disclosed in any manner other than necessary to perform said services.
  • Clean Arrival will require all its personnel to enter into a written confidentiality agreement in regards to any information shared relating to the Booking Party.
  • All confidentiality agreements will survive any termination of service.

Office Hours: Our office is open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. After hours and weekends, a voicemail can be left and we will return it as soon as possible.

Termination of Service: Both you, the client, as well as Clean Arrival LLC have the ability to terminate this Agreement at any point in time, provided that the party wishing to terminate provides notice. Any outstanding payment for the above services owed will be due at the time of termination.



Clean Arrival Cleaning Agreement

For questions about our cleaning agreement contact us at 503-567-5404. You can also message us on Facebook or email us here.

Cleaning Agreement
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Cleaning Agreement
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We here at Clean Arrival want to ensure that you as the customer are provided the best service possible and have established a Cleaning Agreement.