Clean Your Fridge Like a Pro

by cleanarrivaladmin - December 18, 2017

What most people don’t know is that it is super easy to clean your fridge like a pro. Want a sparkling fresh fridge in about an hour? Find simple, easy to follow, step-by-step guide below.

Ultimately we always recommend to all our clients that your fridge should be defrosted before cleaning to achieve the best results. When the refrigerator is still running all the condensation on the walls of the fridge interfere with the charge of proper microfiber cloths reducing there effectiveness in terms of picking up dirt, debris, and grime. You also want to avoid contaminating any food with cleaning products or leaving your food sitting on the counter a little too long. That being said, it is possible to achieve a healthy and safe clean of your refrigerator whether defrosted or not.

Clean Your Fridge, Clean Your Fridge Like a Pro

Step-By-Step Guide:

  • We suggest first going through all the food in your fridge first and remove anything spoiled, rotten, or past its expiration date.
  • Place the remaining food on a counter away from your workspace. Please note that the CDC recommends that you do not leave this food out for more than two hours.
  • Go ahead and remove all the shelving and drawers at once. Most if not all refrigerators are built so there component parts are removable, but if you have a tough time with a certain part consult your owners manual or the manufacturer for further instructions.
  • Use a basic all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths for a basic clean to wipe down the interior walls and surfaces. If you encounter tougher grime, a degreaser or warm soapy water should do the trick.
  • Make sure to rinse off any residual cleansers with a clean wet cloth.
  • For the racks, shelves, and drawers we follow up with a though wipe down, again using an all-purpose cleaner, or for the tough stuff and scrub down in the sink with basic dish soap and water. If you have not defrosted the fridge make sure to NOT use hot water on cold glass shelves as it can cause the shelves to shatter or crack.
  • Afterward, we make sure all the component parts as well as interior surfaces are dry and slide everything back into place.
  • Then place any food back in the appropriate location.


*Pro Tip: Wipe off the base of bottles or containers with a clean cloth. Then place them back into the fridge. You will avoid transferring any grim back into your fridge.

*Don’t want to bother doing it yourself? Clean Arrival can do the fridge too! Book any type of clean and simply click the fridge icon under our extras category to add a fridge cleaning.


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