How To Clean Your Blinds

by cleanarrivaladmin - April 30, 2018

Learn How To Clean Your Blinds Like A Pro


Maintenance Is Key

As with most areas of your home, the key to keeping your blinds clean is maintaining them on a regular basis. Most blinds, wood, metal, plastic or fabric stay fairly clean. As a result, they don’t need much up-keep. A little bit of dusting every once in a while can go a long way. For simple maintenance, we use a simple feather duster or microfiber cloth. Use a vacuum wand with a brush attachment for a little more power if needed. For horizontal blinds, we start dusting at the top of the window covering and working your way down. With vertical blinders start on one side and work in a fluid direction. Remember to be gentle, often blinds (especially the plastic kind) are not hung properly or securely and can come lose as your clean.

Tackle Tough Build-up

Most of the time, with regular upkeep, you won’t have to deal with much more than dust. That being said there are easy ways to tackle the tougher grime that you may find. You usually only find build-up on your blinds after extended periods without maintenance or in areas like the kitchen where food splatters and grease tend to fall on your window treatments.

For most non-fabric binds a solution of dish soap, water, and a microfiber should do the trick. Simply add a couple drops of your favorite dish soap to a large buck or bowl and fill with warm water. Leave your microfiber to soak in the solution whiling preparing the blinds. Let the blinds hang to their full extent and open the slats so they lay perfectly horizontal. Now that your ready, ring out the microfiber, you want the cloth to be damp but not soaking. As with dusting you want to work top to bottom, and left to right. Take the cloth pinch it around the topmost slat and wipe in a fluid motion. Make sure to use a firm but gentle grip, you want enough pressure to remove dirt without damaging the blades or slats of the blinds. Repeat the same for each slat, making sure to ring out your cloth at least every few rows. Feel free to replace the water often for those really dirty blinds if you want the best results.

Fabric blinds can be a little trickier. If left to long you may have to have them dry cleaned or call in a professional window treatment cleaner. We recommend looking up the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer for the best course of action. For general up-keep use a vacuum with a brush attachment and gently vacuum off dusty build-up.

Still Having Trouble?

The methods outlined above with usually handle most of your needs, but if necessary you can take your clean one step farther. Simply remove the blinds from the wall. Fill your tub with warm soapy water and let the blinds soak. Remember this only works for plastic and metal blinds. Wooden blinds will swell and warp in the water. After the blinds have soaked for 30mins – 1hr scrub any residual grime and rinse. Then drain the tub, remove the blinds, and let them air dry. Use a towel to speed up the process and prevent rust from forming on any metal. Once completely dry hang the blinds back on the wall.

Remeber, if in doubt always contact the manufacturer. They can provide you with the proper maintenance guidelines and procedures for removing and rehanging your window coverings.

how to clean your blinds, How To Clean Your Blinds

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