Recharging Microfibers

by cleanarrivaladmin - July 10, 2017

recharging microfibers, Recharging Microfibers

Everyone already knows that microfiber cloths are a godsend when it comes to getting things clean and we here at Clean Arrival are in the same boat.

We use microfibers for all our cleans and have probably run into the same problem that many of you have. Over time our cloths start to pick up less and less. Here we wanted to discuss the best ways to care for your microfibers to get the longest use.

What exactly are microfibers and why do they work so well?

Microfiber cloths are usually made of synthetic fibers, typically polyester, polyamide, nylon, or a composite of any of the three. The cloths themselves are comprised of more individual fibers of a smaller size than traditional cloths or rags you use to use for cleaning. The higher density of these small fibers means your microfiber essentially has a larger surfaces area to grab onto dirt, dust, and debris. The structure and number of fibers also lends to a more porous nature to the cloth causing it to become more absorbent than other cloths. Ultimately these factors mean you can clean better using less product.

It has also been noted by researchers that the small fibers rub together creating a static charge just like your socks on a carpet except on a micro-scale. It is believed that this charge actually lends a hand in clean as well, physically pulling dirt and dust into the cloth.

How to wash your microfibers

It’s important to wash your towels thoroughly to ensure not only for hygiene but to ensure your microfibers remain effective and absorbent. The one key thing you always want to remember is that any build up of cleaning product or dirt and debris within the cloth reduces the absorbency of future uses.

  1. This may seem self-evident to most, but always wash your towels between uses.
  2. Make sure to wash your towels separately from other material. If you don’t you risk your towels collecting a lot more lint from the other fabrics in the wash.
  3. Always set your wash cycle to warm or hot. This assists in breaking down and loosening both the grim and any cleaning product.
  4. We suggest using gentle liquid detergents to avoid leaving any additional residue of the cloths.
  5. Run your towels through two rinse cycles to ensure any detergents and build up are removed as best as possible.
  6. Don’t use bleach, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets on your microfibers. Both of these will reduce or get rid of the electric charge held by the fibers within the cloth. You want this electric charge because it is what attracts all that dirt.
  7. When drying avoid HEAT. Heat can melt the synthetic fibers, ruining the effectiveness of the cloth. Run your microfibers on the lowest setting in your dryer, or you risk melting the individual fibers.

Recharging Microfibers

You may be able to save some of those old microfibers you thought were past the point of no return. Try these simple steps to recharge the electric charge within the fibers to increase absorbency.

  1. Run your microfibers through the wash on hot. Instead of detergent, wash with one cup of white distilled vinegar and rinse with cold water. Dry without heat.
  2. This can also be done on the stove. Boil one gallon of water with two ounces of white distilled vinegar. Place the cloths in the boiling water and stir for one to two minutes. Then remove carefully and rinse in cold water. Let dry without heat.

Hopefully, this will help bring back some of your microfibers to the land of the living although some may be too far gone to recharge.

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Recharging Microfibers
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recharging microfibers, Recharging Microfibers
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recharging microfibers, Recharging Microfibers
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