Should You Use Rubber Gloves When Cleaning?

by cleanarrivaladmin - December 28, 2017

Rubber gloves are always an important part of our cleaning routine. The obvious reason is to protect our hands from the gross and grimy jobs and reduce our exposure bacteria and viruses that may be lying in wait. But that’s not all gloves are good for!

Here is our list of the reasons why we make sure to pull on our gloves before cleaning:

Protection From Chemicals:

You might not clean as much as our professionals do but that doesn’t mean you should worry about the effects your cleaning products can have on your skin and nails over time. The skin on our hands is delicate and sensitive and can easily absorb chemicals that we come in contact with, causing irritations and rashes. The same chemicals can also lead to weaker nails.

Better Grip:

Ever drop a glass while washing dishes? We have too! Rubber gloves are a simple solution to a slippery problem we all tend to encounter while tackling household chores. The rubber gives us better traction while handling delicate items while dusting, holding tools like scrub brushes, and dealing with wet surfaces.

Avoid Cuts and Scrapes:

Rubber gloves help protect our hands from the inevitable bumps and bruises we get from working. Even if you aren’t handling sharp objects using your hands to clean means exposing them to the risk of hitting a side table by accident or scraping them on a hidden object. Once again gloves are the easy answer to this problem.


We already mentioned germs but they are a big reason for us. You may not know where germs may be hiding. Bathrooms and kitchens tend to get cleaned on a more regular basis than the other areas in a home meaning those pesky bacteria may be building up in bedrooms and hallways were you least expect them.

Heat Exposure:

Using hot water to do the dishes or mop the floor? Avoid burning your hands by using gloves. The rubber will help reduce the amount of heat directly exposed to your hands.

Happier, Healthier Experience:

Gloves help take your mind off even the simplest of tasks when you don’t have to constantly worry about touching something you shouldn’t, or exposure to something unknown.

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