Clean Arrival Employment

clean arrival employmentAt Clean Arrival, we pride ourselves on our customer service and our dedication to providing jobs for our community. Ultimately we are a community-driven company. One of our many missions has been to create a welcoming working environment while providing living-wages that reflect the worth of our employees. Continue below to read more about current Clean Arrival Employment.

Clean Arrival Employment Positions:

House Cleaner Job Description

This position is currently part-time with the potential for additional hours. The position of House Cleaner includes both physical tasks and customer service responsibility. As a House Cleaner, you will be the day to day face our customers interact with. As such a large part of this position involves communicating effectively with customers in a friendly and positive manner. The other side of the job is the clean itself.  We provide two types of services, standard and deep cleans, both of which cleaners will be responsible for completing. To do so, employees will follow a standardized checklist.


Employees must be able to perform duties as listed above in the Job Description. The position also requires employees to handle a number of physical tasks. You must be capable of standing for extended periods, bending, kneeling, and taking stairs. Additionally, individuals must be capable of lifting up to 35lbs, raising arms above their head, and carrying equipment. Employees will be required to work with residential cleansers and disinfectants. Our house cleaners are responsible for effectively communicating with both clients and team members. We also require our cleaners to be punctual and trustworthy. Please note that this is a general list and not exclusive.

Contact Us With Questions

Have specific questions about the position contact us today at 503-567-5404. You can also message us on Facebook or email us here.


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